When You Need A Professional Website?

The existence of the Internet today benefit directly or indirectly to the world of business, education, community and more from small to large scale. With the internet facility data can be stored, retrieved and transmitted easily all over the world in various ways, the existing data and information can be connected quickly and easily simply by using ‘hyperlinks’ (virtual interface).

Development of the Internet
Quoting Bill Gates, founder and owner of Microsoft Corp., “The Internet will sweep us like a tidal wave that will drown everyone in its path that is not ready to live in a global information society is super fast.” Maybe seamless interactivity offered by the internet the race of men that make the internet socialized in quantum (very quickly).

According to Stevan Hamad in “post-Gutenberg Galaxi: The fourth Revolution the Means of Production of Knowledge” has been three revolutions in the history of human thought when reviewed in the construction of human knowledge, and now we are on the brink of a fourth. The first occurs when language first emerged in the species homo sapiens, the second with the third invention of writing and the emergence of machine tools, better known by the events of industrial revolution.

Now we are on the verge of a fourth revolution, the quantum revolution. Fourth post-revolution of mankind will be able to interact orally and text with highly interactive throughout the world without the slightest loss of interactivity and feeling live. Distribution, propagation, and spread knowledge through the internet as well as codification and construct be very explosive. Then arose a number of intriguing questions: “how do we prepare ourselves in preparing all of the quantum era? leaps and bounds of what we have to prepare early to face the world and transform toward a new world order?

The development of E-Commerce
Development of e-commerce has provided a way for the expansion of market coverage and increase customer. This is supported by the fact finding search engine technologies, payment, gateway and web databases.

For companies the cost reduction can be done with online promotion for 24 hours per day you can put our products non-stop. For customer, they did not need to have come all the way to the place to check whether there are things they need are available on stocks. By utilizing the search engine (search engine), they may seek and obtain information on goods/products they need is available or not.

Why and when you need a website?
A website has many advantages for a wide range of user groups, as well as offering a wide range of benefits. Today the homepage, or better known as the website has become a means of promotion, transactions, information and data management center, or even a means of education.

There are several advantages if your company has a website:
Customers will easily see the services from your business without your visit,
Customers can interact with you in seconds which will increase employee effectiveness, as the promotion of good places, never closed during the year, 365 days, 24 hours in a cost effective and improve your company image.

A website can be a very effective media campaigns and marketing tools you can show in more details of your company products/services and even prospective customer can call to ask for more details of a products/services.

Even if you keep doing traditional advertising, you just put your website URL on the ads or put on your business card.

Your website reach all corners of the world and available 24 hours a day. Does not require high costs and prospects for the larger customers, because they can easily access and store all information instantly about what is offered through your website.

A website is your corporate identity on the Internet, a kind of “electronic business cards and brochures or electronic cataloq interactive” which can easily update the content and appearance.

You can optimize and maximize the information products and services your company, of course, because the website is owned by you that yourself operate directly or by hiring a web master to constantly monitor and update all the products and the latest service from your company.

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