How To Create A Professional Website?

What is needed to build and own a website?

By type of need for the use and usefulness, the website is divided into two basic criteria:

  1. Static Website; static website is a rare type of website does not even require update its content (news / content) and only shows a few pages of information only. Suppose, for example a company profile website.
  2. Dynamic Website; type of dynamic website is a website that constantly updating the content and news periodically, such as news websites (news portals), an online store website, an online advertising web, school and education website, etc.

To have a website or even more, then you need three (3) the subject matter of the most fundamental importance;

  1. Domain
    In cyberspace ‘World Wide Web‘ (WWW) domain name is your unique identity. It is never occur simultaneously in a name used by two people at once; therefore your Internet identity is unique and the only one around the world, then the applicable law then is “who is faster then he was the one who can“.

    Domain extension and there are many diverse kinds, but only a few are a favorite, or better known as the Top Level Domain (TLD). Among other things .COM, .NET, .ORG, .INFO, .BIZ, .TV, .CC, .CO domains as well as domain extensions such countries .US, .EU .WEB.ID, CO.ID, .IS, .COM.AU, .LY, .CO.UK and etc.

    Of course, each domain has a price and the rules are different too, especially for domains ending in a countries extension.

    We further suggest to choose the extension .COM, .NET, .ORG, .CO

  2. Hosting/Server
    Hosting/server is a place where we keep files and documents to be displayed on a website and of course to put the Content Management System (CMS) to be installed in order to perform the function of the website.

    Needs of hosting/server it is absolutely essential to running your website to be online and can be accessed from all over the world using a computer or gadget.

    Functionality and the ability of hosting/server depending on the needs of a website to be built. For instance, for example to build a website-based news portals/news website, it will need a large hosting storage space, given a news website will always update the news every time, every day even every minute or second.

  3. Website Platform
    Website Platform or known as CMS (Content Management System), is a machine that runs properly of a website you built.

    There are so many CMS platforms that can be used to build a website from a costly platform to open source platform or free. But basically the requirement for a website is influenced by the level of website needs to be built, security/safety, platform updates, and convenience gained in repairing or optimizing a website CMS.

    Basically, open source platform circulation does not mean having a low quality, because it is usually free CMS platform built and upgrade by many developers of the platform so that the level of security and convenience of a readily available platform update.

    In the development of the website platform, since the Web 2.0 generation, has developed a table-less (without table) CMS platform. Table-less technology platform is capable of optimizing the performance of a website to be easily operated and update the contents even by people who do not have even a basic developer (end user friendly), as long as you can type on your keyboard so you can update the content of your website .

    Table-less CMS also support the lite-weight of a hosting/server, not wasteful of space hosting, easily and quickly accessible to visitors, because if a website is heavy and hard/difficult to access, so visitors will be reluctant to visit the website, the other side of excess search engine optimization (SEO) is easily and quickly indexing (recorded) by the search engines that the effect is the website has a great opportunity to get visitors from search engines (search engines) like,, , only of a word (keyword), usually from a website.

    Web 2.0 generation also allows visitors to interact between website owner, customer service and clients directly. This will be very useful in order to maintain the relationship between owners and website visitors, customers and clients.

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